Sunday, August 2, 2009

Flowers for the Common Man

For reasons I cannot explain, I have been captivated by the Queen Anne's Lace lining the ditches and fields around here. Who ever declared this a weed, anyway? So disrespectful to something so lovely. Then again, she doesn't seem to mind. She goes along her merry way, quietly signaling the subtle turn from Summer to end-of-Summer.

More than once, I found myself plotting to snatch some from a ditch. Is it still considered stealing if what you're taking is a lowly weed? Wouldn't I actually be doing someone a service? I like to think of it as pro-bono landscape pest control.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered a virtual QAL convention out behind the pole barn. Calvin and I went out during Ruby's nap on Friday, sheers in hand.

We were a little nervous, this being untrodden ground, but we acclimated to our surroundings surprisingly well. Before long, we were traipsing through the field, me willing myself to believe that there were no mice, snakes or other miscellaneous scariness underfoot.

Calvin learned about a new flower and took one more step toward full farmboy/Survivorman status. (I also taught him how to suck the ends of red clover, which he found to be endlessly fascinating.)

Queen Anne's Lace a weed? Looks like the joke is on us. Go and grab yourself a bunch, while the grabbing's good.