Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baby Girl/Big Girl

My baby girl is turning into a big girl.
But I still call her "Baby", all of the time. And then she corrects me, saying, "No I a big gewl!"

She had the nerve to turn 3 today. Didn't even ask permission.

I was pretty dern upset over it all, but I made her french toast and busted out the crystal and china anyway.

Look at my baby/big girl - rockin' the ANTM pose! Who taught her that? I swear, it wasn't me...

We had such a fun day horsing around and celebrating our sweet-as-pie Ruby River.


  1. Happy Birthday! They grow up too fast.


  2. It looks like she had the best birthday ever. :)
    Happy Birthday Ruby!!! You are SUCH a big girl!!

  3. Happy Birthday Ruby River! She is so grown up in these pictures and looks like she loved being princess for a day:) So sweet...love her!

  4. Happy Birthday Ruby! My youngest just turned 4 yesterday. It amazes me how fast these years go.

  5. Happy Birthday Ruby! You are such a big girl...and a beauty :)

    P.S. You have one awesome mama...especially for making french toast and busting out the china for you, she's pretty cool like that.

  6. she is absolutely adorable. great pics and post!

  7. So precious! Happy Birthday! love that you got out the china and crystal!

  8. Yeah, right. I'll never believe you didn't teach her that! ;)

  9. She's just adorable. Those cheeks look very
    pinchable. Happy Birthday Ruby!

  10. Happy Birthday, Ruby! My baby turned 3 this week, too! She can't decide if she wants to be three and throw fits or act like a mommy and boss everyone around. Funny girl...

  11. I loved reading your old post about your journey with your kids! My neighbor and good friend across the street just celebrated "Gotcha Day" with her sweetie from China and just got a new African American baby boy from Louisiana. On our daily runs I hear so many amazing stories about all that they went through to get these little miracles. I'm in awe of the pain they had to endure before someone was willing to "forfeit" the gift of their children...it really is incredible if you think about it....which I'm sure you do, a lot!
    So glad I found your blog.
    Rachey's "happy picture" is in the mail!

  12. I have tears as I write this. How I love my precious Ruby River and Calvin Lee!! More than once I have caught myself saying,"Shannan that reminds me of you when you were little". I am sure I will have many more moments like these in the future.
    Shosh, If you read this I love you too. Thank you for such a beautiful "baby" girl to love and treasure.

  13. What a baby doll! I love the adorable pictures of her in her crown, throughly enjoying HER day. She was just what our family needed wasn't she?

  14. sweet girl!! i swear i saw her in the lands end kids magazine!!

  15. Happy Birthday Ruby!!!( last week) I knew there was another something your auntie keisha said we had the same... Arabella turned 3 on the 11th also! and she too says she is not a baby any more she is a BIG girl... I tried sitting on her to make her stay small... don't think it worked (=

    Praise God for his blessings!