Thursday, August 20, 2009

August Indicators

Aren't you just sick of me writing about food and flowers? Food and and food. Blabitty-blabitty-blah-blah-blah.

I know, I'm sick of it, too.

Wait a minute, no I'm not.

Not one single bit.

And just for spite, this post is about both.

I have grown quite enamored of Morning Glories, and I place full blame square on a nice, local Amish family. Their farm stand has the best ones around. Last year I fell so hard for them that I thought I might not recover. The common sense thing to do would have been to plant my own.

But I'm more book-smart, ya know?

I asked the lady yesterday what her tips were and she did one of those throw-your-head-back-a-little courtesy laughs. She tried earnestly to be humble. (It's an Amish tradition, humility.) But I could tell that she knows hers are the best.

She said the best advice she could give is to be sure to buy Heavenly Blue seeds, although when she said it, it came out "Heavenly Bluh". It seriously took me a split second to translate it in my mind. This sort of thing just endears me all the more to the sweet folks around here. They are my secret, pretend kin. (Kind of like Bobby Brady was, circa 1980.)

A few miles down the road, I found my second favorite batch within the tri-mile area. I swerved right over and threw her in park just to get the picture. So pretty with the Black-Eyed Susans. That tiny corner of red barn peeking out was a surprise I discovered in editing. (And whenever I refer to "editing" my photos, I mean transferring them from my camera to the computer. It took me just shy of a year to master that skill.)

Now, for the food segment of this broadcast.

I had the most delightful lunch today.

Thomas brand Healthy Start english muffin with a generous schmear of onion and chive cream cheese, thick slice of tomato, salt and pepper. I had two. And some fruit.

Later, I picked our first ripe heirloom tomato. It's a pinkish hue and I think it had "Ruby" somewhere in the name. The main reason I like to plant heirloom tomatoes is that I adore their bumpy form. I recently came to learn that the ridgey, lumpy, funky protrusions are called "shoulders".

Now, every time I see one, I think of something along the lines of this. It really is a good comparison, whoever thunk it up.

Well, I'm off to eat my ritual 10 pm snack. I'll be sure to take notes for a future post....

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