Thursday, August 20, 2009

August Indicators

Aren't you just sick of me writing about food and flowers? Food and and food. Blabitty-blabitty-blah-blah-blah.

I know, I'm sick of it, too.

Wait a minute, no I'm not.

Not one single bit.

And just for spite, this post is about both.

I have grown quite enamored of Morning Glories, and I place full blame square on a nice, local Amish family. Their farm stand has the best ones around. Last year I fell so hard for them that I thought I might not recover. The common sense thing to do would have been to plant my own.

But I'm more book-smart, ya know?

I asked the lady yesterday what her tips were and she did one of those throw-your-head-back-a-little courtesy laughs. She tried earnestly to be humble. (It's an Amish tradition, humility.) But I could tell that she knows hers are the best.

She said the best advice she could give is to be sure to buy Heavenly Blue seeds, although when she said it, it came out "Heavenly Bluh". It seriously took me a split second to translate it in my mind. This sort of thing just endears me all the more to the sweet folks around here. They are my secret, pretend kin. (Kind of like Bobby Brady was, circa 1980.)

A few miles down the road, I found my second favorite batch within the tri-mile area. I swerved right over and threw her in park just to get the picture. So pretty with the Black-Eyed Susans. That tiny corner of red barn peeking out was a surprise I discovered in editing. (And whenever I refer to "editing" my photos, I mean transferring them from my camera to the computer. It took me just shy of a year to master that skill.)

Now, for the food segment of this broadcast.

I had the most delightful lunch today.

Thomas brand Healthy Start english muffin with a generous schmear of onion and chive cream cheese, thick slice of tomato, salt and pepper. I had two. And some fruit.

Later, I picked our first ripe heirloom tomato. It's a pinkish hue and I think it had "Ruby" somewhere in the name. The main reason I like to plant heirloom tomatoes is that I adore their bumpy form. I recently came to learn that the ridgey, lumpy, funky protrusions are called "shoulders".

Now, every time I see one, I think of something along the lines of this. It really is a good comparison, whoever thunk it up.

Well, I'm off to eat my ritual 10 pm snack. I'll be sure to take notes for a future post....

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  1. I always love your posts! Please, keep the food pics and ideas coming...they always look so yummy and healthy!

  2. Nice post. Like it, esp. the yellow tomato.

  3. I like that yummy little sandwich and of course the picture of the dude with the shoulders. Good comparison. I also have something else to say that I may say real you :)

  4. That is like the biggest tomato I've ever seen. All of our tomatoes are still green. I'm starting to worry I won't get any. Shouldn't they be done by now?? We've had such a cool summer and now it's almost over. Hopefully they'll figure it out and turn red soon. I'm waiting!! Love those morning glories too. Just beautiful.

  5. Lovely post! Who could get tired of flowers and food! not me!

  6. At least you are keeping your blog material pun intended (well, OK, yes it was!). I posted something new for Julia's party but I reached back to June for The Inspired Room, then I realized I had linked it before! Oh well, I don't do well in the mornings!!


  7. Is there more to life than food and flowers?? I think not...keep 'em coming.

    I have Grandpa Ott morning glories. An old heirloom variety, gorgeous dark purple blooms. I have a pic on my camera, that I'd planned on putting on the blog. I'll let you know when I do, and I'd be more than happy to send you some seeds. Once you have morning glories, trust me, you will ALWAYS have them. They are prolific.

  8. "(It's an Amish tradition, humility.)"

    I'd like a moment for rebuttal... ;-)

    haha anyhow, great pics and the one of Cory with his shirt off was good too!

  9. I loved this! You always make me laugh and long for a farm of my very own!

  10. oooh, interesting tomato concoction you've got going there...and those tomatoes, the "heirloom" ones, we have some just like that, i think the variety is called "goliath". they were our favorites last year. pink is the exact right word, a pinkish red, not the deep tomato red you expect. love them!

  11. well I like your food and flowers!!! Those blue morning glories are amazing and your muscley tomato looks like its smiling!

  12. Yum! I want you to publish a book on some of your quick no-cook recipes. I never know what to fix myself for lunch. I surely don't shop for myself when I'm at the grocery, and then I just end up eating junk during the week.

    Congratulations on getting such a fine heirloom specimen. Mine were a disaster last year--got too big for their britches and split open, so I just went with the bio-engineered stuff this year. Shame on me!

  13. Food and flowers my two favorite subjects! Write as much as you want on those topics!!Those morning glories were beautiful! you sure have a lot of beautifulness around you. Traci

  14. Morning Glories are super easy to grow from seed. I live in Ontario, Canada and we just sprinkle the seeds in the ground after last frost, hopefully by May long weekend and very lightly cover with soil. After they sprout, I would swear you could watch them grow, that fast! Ours grow thick and full, climbing over our 8 foot fence and down the neighbours. The seeds will fall and new shoots will grow next year, but I think it is better to buy a new pack for best fullness. Just be careful of not planting them too close to more delicate stems, they will wind their way around anything! We have used the 'bluh' and the pink/blue/purple mix (I forget the name-Giant something)

  15. Thanks girl for always makin me I want to plant morning glories too:) Have a geat weekend!!!!!


  16. I can say most decidedly that I never, ever, ever get tired of food or flowers. But especially not heirloom tomatoes. I want to snatch that right off this blog, slice it and sprinkle it with some coarse salt. There is no better pure taste. Gorgeous.

  17. Your lunch sounds great. Well, I don't really care for uncooked tomatoes so maybe I'd sub english cucumbers, which I'm totally addicted to.

    I don't know if you know this, blueberries around your house are just better than blueberries anywhere else.

  18. I never tire of your lovely flower images! They are such a nice way to start my day....the food too, since I'm not much of a cook ;)

  19. those are stunning morning glories. It must be hard for her to be humble about it!

  20. All that 'mater is missing is an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny Speedo bikini! I will never look at tomatoes the same way, again. :-)


  21. I just planted a morning glory! I DID! Even after swearing I wouldn't buy another climbing vine-y thing. You see, once I planted a wisteria on my porch only to have it never bloom (probl'y should have fertilized it) and I forced my sweet husband to cut it down. It was a chore. He was sad, and so I vowed...but you can't trust me when I'm vowing about flowers. AND YES! I am reading your blog again! But here's the thing, I get to sleep in tomorrow, and it was either this or Modern Warfare 2 with the hubs. I would typically play Modern Warfare 2, but my thumbs hurt and I cant shoot and run at the same time, so I'm taking a break. You may be turning into my Pioneer Woman. So where's my kitchen Aid giveaway?