Sunday, August 23, 2009


My honey and I have been hitched now for 10 years. We try to always make it a priority to get away regularly, just the two of us, for a meal, a movie, a weekend in a city that has stores, 4 days on a far-away island...

I always assumed we would do something extra fun for our 10th anniversary.

But, Summer has conspired against us in many ways this year, and this was no exception.

Friday night, after Nana and Papa whisked the kids away for a blessed overnighter, I surprised Cory by pointing to some piles of bacon, lettuce and tomato and inviting him to make himself a sandwich or two.

It was our anniversary, after all, why not go all out?

Then, we were off to see Julie and Julia - the late showing! On the way, we drove under a beautiful, full rainbow. No picture to prove it (I know!) but we took it as a good omen. Well, I took it as a good omen. Cory believes there is no such thing as a good omen, and upon further consideration, I think he may be right. We'll call it a good sign, I guess, even though I don't believe in signs (or omens) and still think "omen" sounds much more poetic.

As I was saying - the movie! 4 huge thumbs up.

Afterward, we stopped by Applebees and shared a platter of nachos and I felt bad about our middle-aged waitress who seemed like she should have been elsewhere at 11 p.m. on a Friday night. We did what we could to improve the state of her evening and I tried to tell myself that maybe she has just really always enjoyed waitressing.

Then, I came home and penned a proclamation of Stanley Tucci's dreaminess. Just go see the movie and you'll agree that it couldn't have been helped. Cory was relieved that I did not blog about the fact that he may have loved the movie ever-so-slightly more than I did. He should know that I would not do such a thing.

We had big plans to spend the following day up in Michigan, visiting quaint towns, breezing through some antiques shops and second-hand bookstores, eating fancy food, etc... I was sure that I'd have scores of swoony pics to share.

Instead, we woke to a downpour.

Cory, feeling especially optimistic, grabbed The Beast, then spent the rest of the morning asking me if I could carry all umpteen pounds of it in my bag.

Hopeful that the weather would be clearer up North, we ventured to St. Joe, MI. The rain subsided long enough for us to make it into a deli for lunch. Just as we finished up, the skies cut loose, once again.

So much for leisurely strolls.

We dashed to the car, then headed Southward.

Cory tricked me by taking a route that pretty much required him to stop at his favorite camera store. Which do you think he should buy next - a wide angle, or a macro? I cautiously vote wide angle, though it is almost double the price.

In short, we spent the better part of our big day in the car. Thank goodness we had On a Clear Night and The Trumpet Child to keep us company. And Sonic.

Too full from lunch to eat a good dinner out, we returned home, worked on a few projects, kissed Ruby and Calvin's cheeks, put them to bed, ordered a pizza and watched the first two episodes of Mad Men - Season 2.

Proof positive that any day is a good day when you are celebrating the best decision you ever made.