Thursday, July 23, 2009

Two-Piece Dilemma

My MIL told me last week that GG (Great Grandma) had bought Ruby a tankini to keep at their house. Uh-oh.

My thinking is that 2 year olds don't really need to get into the 2-piece habit. I instantly made a bit of a face - I hoped it was the perfect mix of skepticism and unabashed resoluteness, along with the ever-popular look of "Cory (aka your son) will not be ok with that."

She assured me that it covered her tum-tum pretty well and I dropped the issue, making a mental note to have Cory take it from there.

Later, I called him and told him all about the trashy two piece. We were unified in our disgust. A two-piece? For a 2-year old?!

Then, in rapid succession, I remembered this:

So, it seems the tankini will provide Ruby with exactly 50% more coverage than she has previously enjoyed while at Nana's house, under the direct supervision of both Mommy and Daddy.

I believe the no two-piece rule will start next Summer.