Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Silver Beach

We have been lucky enough to hit Silver Beach twice this Summer, so far. Most recently, we went with our friends Jess and Nora.

I was pleased to confirm that 3 car seats fit in the back of the Explorer.

Just look at this beautiful beach! And it's only an hour away.

The air was perfect; the water, frigid.

The kids spent most of their time digging trenches and hauling sand.

Here's our reluctant server, Miss Nora.

If you ever take me to the beach, you get a baggie full of Chips Ahoy. If you take Jess, you get Beachy cupcakes! The girl never ceases to amaze me.

Ruby couldn't agree more.

Calvin squeezed in one more roll in the sand - I believe he was pretending to be a crab.

And then we headed back to the car.

I'm hoping to get back up there another time or two. But first, a tonsillectomy! Keep Miss Ruby in your prayers tomorrow, if you think about it.


  1. ooh,ooh,ooh, i'm the first to comment☺

    as for silver beach...
    i wanna go!
    i wanna go!

    i've heard it's rated among the top beaches in the world, which i have got to see for myself!

    i'll be thinking about you & ruby tomorrow☺

  2. Oh that looks like so much fun. I am kind of anti-beach...gritty messy sand and the fear of one my kids drowning etc... But the cupcakes I could so get on board with. Great friend you got there.

  3. Bitterness that you've been to Silver Beach twice and me a big fat goose egg.....but glad you had a good time! I'll never forget the time that me, you, Mel and her rack went that on that fortuitous trip two summers ago!

  4. Oh my, what a sweet tribute to our beach day! Aren't those kids great? I've gotta get a copy of that picture of Nora. Mine were mostly disappointing. After seeing the kids eat those cupcakes, I now know why Chips Ahoy are a better idea!
    Thanks for the memories!

  5. Sweet pics! I'll be thinking about you guys tomorrow. I hope all goes well. Silver Beach, huh? I wonder how far it is for me. The little one is just dying to go to the beach!

  6. I heart Silver Beach...I have so many memories during high school and college summers, going there with my friends and frying to a crisp (or freezing to death, depending on the day ;)). Looks like a fun time. Also, as you would guess, I love the cupcakes.

    The Rubster is in my prayers, as are you. If you need me for anything, let me know.

  7. I was taken back when you said Nora cause that's my name...You don't run into too many people with that name. I searched and searched for the meaning. I have an awesome description of someone with our name. I will try and find it and forward it on.

  8. What a great day out with the kids and your little friend Jess and Nora ( My mothers name ), I love the beach but live a little too far away, like a 4 hour drive......sandbox and a sprinkler will have to do for now!!!

    Thinking of you Ruby :)

  9. fun fun!!! i'm praying for ruby. i had that done when i was in high school. :)

  10. I love the cupcakes...saw them in a magazine and thought "if only..." I'm afraid it would end in disaster for me, but your friend did a great job! By the way, love that you talk about your "britches"!!

  11. I have to say that we went to that area and stayed in New Buffalo a couple years ago and always meant to go back! It is truly the best non ocean beach we've EVER seen...so lucky that you live so close!! I am totaly jealous of that. I LOVE the beaches so much.

    Totally makes me want to go back!

  12. looks like a great time, but then again when there's cupcakes involved anytime is a good time :-)

  13. Silver Beach is my favorite place! I just stumbled upon your blog today and have been reading and reading. I'm having too much fun! :)