Monday, July 20, 2009

A Room for Silas

Silas. I can't stop thinking about him. He's over in Korea, just getting older every day! I need him to be here, in his home, with his family, in my arms. For many different reasons, the waiting is harder this time around.

In the meantime, we have all kinds of things to keep us busy. Getting his room ready is at the top of the list. Although I originally posted this blog months ago, I'm ashamed to report that nothing has changed between then and now. Not one dern thing.

So, I would like to show you what we have to work with, but I warn you, this is not for the faint of heart.

We have been stripping around here for days and days. Stripping, I tell you. Stripping daintily flowered wallpaper of the Amish persuasion.

We even stripped this charming mixed-media vignette.

Yikes, I know. Even worse? Calvin stuck his nose in it and announced that it smelled like vanilla "in there". Vanilla is not known for being a particularly noxious odor, but for some reason, I found the comparison so disgusting that I am sharing it with all of you in an attempt to rid myself of its memory.

Then, we have the issue of the floor. It is currently a very brittle, brown linoleum. What? You've never thought about putting linoleum in an upstairs bedroom? Why ever not??

My mom was quite certain that we would find hardwood underneath, this being a century-old house built by capable Amish hands.

Instead, we found this.

Nasty, nasty particle board covered in grime and bug guts. And yes, that's mold on the wall. Thanks for noticing.

All of that to say, we're rather excited about the challenge this room will afford us! I'm combing my files for inspiration. I need budget-friendly, DIY options. I need texture on the walls and a bright color above. I need to find a cheap dresser and some type of a changing table. I need to talk my mama into sewing the crib skirt.

I'm going green with some pops of bright aqua and clear red - maybe.

I'm rather intrigued by this wall treatment, as shown in the beloved PB catalog. My favorite Cottage Nester talked some sense into me and helped me find a perfect solution for the funky slanted ceiling/wall. I'm now in earnest negotiation with Cory regarding finding a balance between doable and cost effective and fun for the white wainscoting that will run the perimeter of the room.

So far, these are my two finds. That rickety chest has a metal top and was bought for a song. The globe came from Home Again. The rest, I'm hoping, will come from a HomeGoods giftcard, via the give-away at The Inspired Room. My heart beats faster just thinking of the possibilities!

In the meantime, I am ever open to suggestions from all of my crafty, stylish friends. Go hog wild. In a room like this, the only way to go is up.