Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Alphabet Wall

You know our current collective obsession with typography? Well, I have a fantastic solution.

One of the things that excited me the most when we moved into this home, nearly 2 years ago, was the presence of a toy room. (In our previous home, we had a toy corner...)

I wanted to make the room a fun, colorful departure from the more subdued palette of the rest of our home, so I enlisted bright turquoise paint and some vintagey fabric for curtains.

Then I set out to collect 26 letters for an alphabet wall.

I found some of them on Ebay, including a 3 foot tall, acid yellow "C". That was the day I learned the importance of reading the fine print. We all have that day sooner or later and I'm happy to say that my error was relatively inexpensive and actually quite funny.

Collecting vintage letters started to add up, so I rounded out my collection with various wooden letters and some 3-D cardboard letters from Michael's craft store and painted them myself.

While I was busy collecting, Cory painted this giant, white square on the wall.

I was so happy with the result. The only thing missing was "U". (Cue fiddle and whiskey-soaked, old-school country singer.)

Raise your hand if you spot the belligerent, rascally U that refuses to stay affixed to the wall!