Monday, July 27, 2009

Allegan - Round I

I've got a permanent itch for flea-marketing. And lately, that itch has needed some big time scratchin'. Brooke, Michelle and I loaded up Sunday a.m. for the Allegan, MI show. We all skipped church. (Don't tell Brooke's husband - he's the pastor!)

The girls arrived on time only to be greeted by Calvin, wearing nothing but his Superman underwear. Then, we were off!

I spent most of the 2 hour drive baring my soul and ridding my psyche of some especially disturbing recent dreams. I would share all of it with you, but you probably wouldn't love me anymore. (Btw - Anyone out there have a cure for crazy, vivid dreams that occur on a nightly basis? Call me!)

Before we knew it, we passed this gem, and I knew we were just about to round the final bend.

As always, Allegan did not disappoint. Some highlights were:

For inexplicable reasons, as soon as I saw this giant jar of game pieces, I told the girls to go on ahead and I would catch up with them. It drew me right in. (I'm thinking something like this may be a fantastic addition to Silas's room, no?)

White and blue with some silver metal thrown on top.
Need I say more?


The dealers at VanDaff's were so gracious, kind and fun. And holy cow, they've got great taste.

Diane Passi

This booth absolutely rocked my socks off.

Botanical and industrial with a little hint of science geek chic.

It's my dream home, stuffed into one little booth.

Rhubarb Reign
Why, oh why, did I not take any pictures? I have loved them all the way back in Springfield, OH. Their wares are so swoony and I always leave with something in hand.

I happened upon this slamming bike, somewhere along the way.
So Cath Kidston!

Oxymoron, anyone?

The prettiest little chapel with an ominous sky looming.

Wanna see what we found? Be sure to check back tomorrow.


  1. Thanks so much so visiting my booth at Allegan , Your comments so are so darn sweet, I will be back in the same spot next month with more " science geek chic" love it ! Hope to see you then, Diane

  2. You are adorable! Looks like you had so much fun. Can't wait to see your finds!

  3. Absolutely loving it all! Looking forward to more pics!!


  4. I'm definitely jealous! Flea markets are few and far between here. Can't wait to see your finds! Traci

  5. Just came across your lovely blog! I love the flea market!! Your pictures are wonderful:)


  6. You are right! LOVE the bike pic. It does feel very Cath Kidson! It's so great to have friends that you can bear your soul to. Fun shopping day!

  7. It was fun meeting you too. Your pictures of our booth are fantaistic, thank you so much for mentioning us :> I LOVE you blog & you are such a creative and excellent photographer. I would like to add a link to yours from our, would that be OK? I also am a lover of Cath Kidston!!!!
    Hope to see you again in Aug., we will be in the same spot OR next to Rhubarb Rein (our friends - Sandi & Joe )
    CJ VanDaff-Zondervan

  8. How in the heck did people at the booths find your blog? Do you have business cards now that you pass out to people? If so, I'll gladly take a handful and help you out!

  9. Hubba, hubba! I wanna scratch too! I guess I will have to wait til the Indy flea market next month.

    By the way, I've been having crazy dreams too. Last night I was walking home from somewhere and tigers were attacking me, nipping at me and Jim wouldn't help me at all. I was, of course, mad at him when I woke up.

  10. I'm so glad we got to go! I had so much fun and found a couple of real treasures. Oh, and I'm glad you bared your soul and told us about your crazy wouldn't have been right if one of us weren't doing this. :) You are the best Shanny!

  11. Fun fun!! I love flea marketing. That butterfly print was really cool. Probably would have snatched that up.

    And about the dreams...I'm right there with ya. I dream almost every night and some of them are beyond weird. I can't even speak them out loud a few are so bad.

  12. Do you think anyone would notice if I sneaked over from Ireland to join you?

    Sounds my perfect kid of place to shop.

    I especially love the typewriter keys!

  13. Sometimes you just gotta scratch that itch!! Seems I've been doing it every Saturday morning...Loved those booths you shared!! Oh, fried cauliflower-don't knock it til you try it!! Yummy...
    As for your dreams, are you eating something crazy or watching bad shows at night?? Sometimes when I am on the computer late at night I get a little paranoid?? Don't ask why...

  14. Those typewriter keys are too much! LOVE THEM! Love that booth. I need a fix now!

    I just ate some fresh deep fried veggies at the Fair yesterday and they were delish!

    I've been watching on Craig's list for an old bike for the yard.....sigh.

    As far as your dreams...there is a scripture in the Bible, in Proverbs (not sure where)....something about a multitude of business causing alot of dreaming. I'm sure it's just that you have so much on your mind right now. :-)

  15. Thanks for your kind comments on our blog. Please, please, please say hello next time you come, either to Allegan or to Springfield. Glad you found our friends Diane and CJ as well! Allegan is a great show -- truly charming -- and your pictures really captured the spirit of it! Come again soon! xo

  16. it is so nice to meet you via inspired room....

    and my fav. picture of the things you saw to purchase was BY FAR the botanical prints....

  17. Can I just say...I look like a large giant! Aside from my selfish comments, I loved the pictures! I never saw the garden tools or the comb/brush thing! And I was with you!! How is that? We need a "post flea market show and tell session"! This definitely needs to be a yearly tradition...or monthly in the summer!