Monday, June 15, 2009

My favorite kind of rainbow

We are in full bloom around here and I cannot get enough of it. Of all of the months, June is definitely my favorite, and not just because it finds me blowing out candles midway through.

It makes me curious - do you find that your birth month is your favorite month? Is it something that is hardwired into our DNA? Or is it just a fluke, in my case?

Here are some other things I love about June: strawberries, peonies, homemade guacamole with cilantro from the garden, the kick-off of the Summer reading program at the library, perennial sales.... windows, flip flop tan lines...

...celebrating the end of the school year - even though none of us are in school...

...weeding my flower beds and gardens (weeding is the new eyebrow-plucking, you know)...

I could go on and on, but you get the point. I'm a girl who loves June.


  1. Your post makes June sound like absolutely the best month. I love it too - but add homemade ice cream to your list. : O )

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. I'm not sure if it is a fluke or not...I'm a January baby, and I do love the snow. A peaceful snowy night, is there anything better? Welllll.....maybe. Strawberries, flowers, the beach....I'm thinking of a lot better than snow. BUT, in that perfect moment, when it is so quiet out in the country that you can HEAR it snowing, at THAT moment, I can't think of anything better.

    Lovely photos as usual!

  3. Hmmm...loving our birthday month. I guess maybe it is in us somewhere to love our birthday month, because I was born in January and love January even though I am not a huge fan of winter.

    "...weeding is the new eyebrow plucking..."
    LOVE this!!!

  4. I like my birth month, but not near as much as June. Mainly because I AM out of school, but also for the other reasons you just said. Taking my kids to story time, being lazy at home with them, picnics, t-ball games, I could go on and on. I must add that I also have a killer flip flop tan line and I love it!!!

  5. Well my birthday is in December but May and October are my fave months! P.S. I love flip flop tan lines too. Don't know why but those white V's make me smile.

  6. I have always thought that February sounded like the perfect (most romantic sounding) month and of course seven is the perfect number. And of course I think the name Sarah is perfect because it means "God's Princess" in Hebrew and who wouldn't want to be a princess. But, you'll be happy to know that R. and I are thinking that June is a perfect month for a wedding. ;)

  7. Any of the Spring, Summer, and Fall months are great. Winter is a direct result of Satan, and is therefore evil ;-)

    But of the Summer months, June is easily the best. And in northern Indiana, the good months are hard to come by. Good post!

  8. June is the best :) But July is almost equally as lovely in my book. Maybe b/c my birthday is so close to July? I don't think there is a better month for a birthday or a wedding ;)

    *Your flowers are beautiful*

  9. I am quite partial to Fall, which is my birth *season*, but I think I would prefer it anyway. It is so hot and muggy in the South, so summer is down there on the list of favorite times. I do, however, love my flip flop tan lines. I've never heard anyone mention them before!! Hahahaha!!

  10. oh, i love my birthday month too, i think that's the way it's supposed to be...

    love all those things you mentioned too, especially the fip flop tan lines & the "new eyebrow plucking" which i really need to do here sometime soon...:)

  11. Just lovely. You are so lucky to have a full bloom like that... you and your acres! I'm so jealous;)