Sunday, June 21, 2009


These are the two luckiest kids in the world. Don't even try to argue with me - I'm steadfast.

Calvin and Ruby have a Daddy who loves them - who cannot get enough of them.

He is the World's best tickle monster.
He talks about toots with Calvin but says that they shouldn't discuss it around girls.
He tells Ruby every day how pretty she is.
He gets the importance of discipline - he's Good cop and Bad cop, all rolled into one.

He talks to Calvin about being brave and courageous.
He encourages him to pick up the snakes.

He takes Ruby on dates to get ice cream - just the two of them. (Shhhh!)

He has convinced both of them that taking trash to the dump on Saturday is a privilege and a treat.

He is a great provider and a hard worker.

He's a handy guy and plants flowers for me whenever I ask him. (OK, that one was about me, but I had to include it because he planted 4 more things for me tonight.)

We love you, Daddy.

PS - Remember my Dad? The John Deere tractor guy? Well, he just got back from the Iowa JD show early this morning and he brought back the medallion. He's been working on his Baby for nearly two years now and we were all sweating bullets over whether or not he would bring that puppy home - not that we really had any doubt in our minds. Way to go, Papa! I'm really proud of you.


  1. He really has set the bar high for me to find a man just like my big bro!
    Big Bro- Thanks for being the best daddy to my little my favorite kids from Indiana.

  2. Awww so sweeet!! Convincing little children that dump day is a fun day is art. ;)

  3. Your dad got the medallion! That is awesome!!! I'm glad Cory was able to help plant those four things. I think I know where they came from. ;) I loved the pics of the kids when they were small. I loved the shout out to the garbage trip and I love hearing you say for the first time I can recall hearing it: calling you dad papa! I'm guessing that's what the kids call him?

  4. That last picture was just priceless. How adorable!!