Monday, May 25, 2009

Vickie's Wedding

My busy holiday weekend included a superquick trip to Pennsylvania to witness my dear cousin Vickie's wedding. The pressure was high, as the entire thing hinged upon my approval of her fiancee. Lucky for him, we share a very close-to-the-heart bond which bears the initials RL. Any guesses? Needless to say, Keith passed the test with flying colors.

Vic has been planning this day for months and I just knew it was going to be the loveliest. She has great taste and appreciates simplicity. I was so impressed with what she came up with. And now is as good a time as any to let you know that I was more or less camera-less the entire weekend. When I fully realized the situation at hand, I felt like weeping. Then, I felt like that might be overkill, so instead, I made a few bad faces to myself and did the best I could with our old camera that didn't work half the time and when it did "work", took very overexposed shots.

My cute mama was my travel companion. We flew on an airplane and shared a hotel room for 2 nights and had so many laughs. We watched a documentary on Bernie Madoff and ate Taco Bell in bed and read our books and laughed some more.

A little blurry and such, but this shot just speaks right to my heart. This is the best summary of Vickie. She's all house-wifey and picknicky and multitasky (she was on the phone) and downright pretty, with a shiny, vintagey diamond ring, to boot.

Here are some of the brilliant ideas Vickie came up with for her garden wedding:

I seriously want these all around my yard. Mason jars, tied with rafia, hanging from shepherd's hooks, filled with flowers. So heart-breakingly pretty. If only the camera had done them justice...

The tables in the tent were all decked out in red and blue. Red buckets stood in wait for BBQ chicken and rib bones. Carboard carriers for Redbridge gluten-free beer (Keith is on a gluten-free diet) held ribbon-wrapped napkins and silverwear.

More of those drop dead beautiful blooms. (Rumor has it she bought 30-odd dozen flowers (including roses for her bouquet) for about $70 at a local produce market.)

Here I am, with the Mastermind Bride herself. I swear, swear, swear, she is fully clothed in this picture. Blasted camera.

After the sweet ceremony (they wrote their own vows!) and the delicious food, Mother Nature cut loose with an insane storm. Torrential downpours and even hail. So exciting! And Vickie, in her post-ceremony '50's dress, took it all in stride.

It'll make for such a great story, down the road. Heck, it makes for such a great story now!

Vickie - it was an honor to be there for your wedding and to cut up your pineapple. I had a great time and I can't wait to get back out there. xxoo