Monday, May 4, 2009

Plan B

Cory took the day off today, so we could go to Holland, Michigan for the annual Tulip Festival.,%20Michigan.jpg

Isn't it beautiful! It seemed like a great opportunity for Cory to refine his art and for all of us to get away for a fun day together.

Then, we realized that it was going to be sunny here, with a high near 70. Ugh. Dang weatherman.

Here's what we did, instead:

My heart is skipping a beat, as we speak. My boxes! All in a row. Just waiting on soil.
You'll also notice, over yonder, my half-painted fence. I don't know what to tell you, other than it's been raining here - a lot. Dang weatherman.

The kids pretended to be baby hippopotamuses. It started off innocently enough, with a shovel, a spoon and an appetite for mud pies. Before we knew what was happening, they had partially disrobed and, well...

Oh dear.


Their existence gave new purpose and meaning to our mud room. It finally lived to be all that it had ever aspired to be. If only we had had the wherewithal to install an industrial fire hose...

I will say this, on the record: They were the two cutest baby hippos I've ever laid eyes on.

*This probably goes without saying but that tulip picture is not our own. Thank you, Google images!