Thursday, May 7, 2009

Memory Lane - Part II

I once told Cory that when I was young I didn't have many toys to play with - that I mostly remember playing with old papers from out of a trash can. He busted out with that cackley laugh that he only summons when he finds something unexpectedly hilarious. Then he realized that I was serious and he grew skeptical. Then we consulted my mom and she more or less threw her hands in the air.

Truth is, I did have toys. I had a passel of Barbies and my mom even hand-made me some flannel nightgowns for them that matched my own. I also had my fake Cabbage Patch doll - Jonathan and another random doll, Christina. I had a rad bike. But the point is, I mostly remember playing pretend. I played office with the papers from the trash, I played Mary Kay Lady with a goldmine of a find - a discarded "starter kit".

Over and over, at many different stages of my youth, I played Apothecarian. True, I didn't call it that at the time. I probably called it "Perfume Lady" or in my more industrially-minded days, "Perfume Factory".

And then, one time, I made homemade potpourri. It was during the era when potpourri was all the rage. We had several crusty, dusty bowls of the stuff strategically placed around our house. I thought for sure that I had hit paydirt.

I loved every minute of collecting the pretty, colorful blooms. Even then, I was a sucker for flowers, in any form. They were breathtakingly beautiful all combined in my empty styrofoam egg carton. If memory serves me, I gifted the potpourri to my Aunt Jennifer, on her birthday.

This memory surfaced this week as I viewed the blooming trees around our home. Cotton candy confections, right outside my window. Each year when they appear, I'm in amour, all over again. I want them to stay that way forever, but they don't. I want to wrap myself up in them, but, well, they're probably not as pillowy soft as they look. I just want their loveliness to be appreciated for as long as they're with us. My solution this year - make homemade potpourri, 21st Century-style.

Today is Friday! You know what to do. Head over to The Inspired Room and Hooked on Houses for plenty of fun reads.


  1. I'm sure we would have been BFFs in elementary school. I too played pretend most of the time. Beauty shop, teacher, post office. And I have to say I'm thrilled to hear about your homemade potpourri making.....I did it too. Seriously. I laugh about it now. I even tried to sell mine at a road side stand (like normal kids would sell lemonade). I think my bus driver was the only one sucker enough to buy it. Sweet memories. :)

    Jess "Foiler" (I'll clarify since more than one with my name read here.) :)

  2. Hey I play Crazy Cat Lady now!!!! ;)

  3. I like this potpourri much better! I made elderberry juice and rhubarb-leaf door mats.

    As you know, my daughter is a true pretender--wonder where she got it from! I wish I could still lose myself in the wonder of it all like she does. I often wonder when the ability to really "play house" left me. There had to be a precise moment. I grieve for it.

    Thank you for a beautiful little moment of reflection on those sweet days.

  4. Beautiful post, I'm all in amore with it. Great photo shots!

  5. Beautiful! What a great reminder to simply stop and observe what's happening around, right outside our doors. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  6. Your pictures are lovely, and I love your memory! My daughters all played games like this (it's a wonder I ever have anything with blooms when they are done! :)

  7. I didn't have many toys either...I tell my kids that all the time, but I don't think they listen. They do roll their eyes? (But you got Barbies??? LUCKY! They were banned at my house...I had to go to my BF's...she was the only girl and had a jillion of them.)
    Anyways, less toys=more creative.
    Love the flowers!