Tuesday, May 26, 2009


While Mom and I jet-setted off to Pennsylvania, Cory, Dad and Keisha were left to tend to riff and raff and generally fend for themselves.

From the way it looks, they put the kids right to work....

Also from the way it looks, Calvin never quite made it out of his pajamas.

(For any of you detail-oriented people out there, this is not our garden in the pictures, but my mom and dad's. My garden can only aspire to be half as lush one day...)

Pretty cute, huh? It's a good thing I took the crappy, broken camera to the wedding and left the Beast with Cory, otherwise we may have missed this. :)

My dad spent the better part of the weekend wearing his back brace and putting the final touches on the John Deere tractor he's been painstakingly restoring for the past 2 years.

It was very fun to witness its debut, in the Pleasant Hill Memorial Day parade. He was proud as a peacock.

And finally, a rare shot of the 3 of us kids - Keisha, Noal and myself. The older we get, the more I think we look alike.