Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May day

Yesterday was one of those pitch-perfect days. I worked for 4 hours in the morning, while my babies were living it up at one of their favorite places to be: Aunt Jamie's house.

On the way home from retrieving them, we stopped by a new second-hand store in town, New To You, where I discovered that I had a $22 credit. I found a few things for the kids, including one slightly too small basketball jersey for one obsessed little boy.

At home, I put Ruby down for her nap and Calvin and I went out and watered the flowers and the garden. I hung some more clothes on the line. We found a frog in the yard and Calvin could not be convinced to pick it up and carry it back to the pond, so I did. Calvin was so proud of me! His exact words, "Mommy, you're so brave of that frog! You saved the day! Daddy will not believe it!" (Sidenote: frogs are bumpy and squishy, all at the same time.)

After Ruby's nap, we all went in to the school, where we walked a couple of laps around the track with Nana, Linds, Jamie and the boys. Jamie, ever prepared, brought Ice Pops in a little cooler. Mine was purple. I even got to take a kid-less lap with Jamie, during which we kvetched about pediatric doctors of many different varieties.

Before dinner, we made one last trip (raise your hand if you believe that!) to Zimmerman's.

Ruby kept wandering off on her own. I think she may share her mommy's love for flowers.

I had no idea Cory was taking pictures while we were there, but it sure doesn't surprise me.

Two flats of flowers and plants later, we were headed home for dinner.

What can I say, I like a little noodles with my sauce.

After dinner, baths and bedtime, Cory and I spied a tiny row of what looked like blades of grass in one of the boxes. The tiny blades of grass appear to be exactly where we planted our carrot seeds. It seems a little premature to get too excited, but it is quite possible that something we planted is growing.

Lying in bed on clothesline-crisp sheets, I realized that it's only May. We still have 3 full months of Summer ahead of us.