Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My kittens.

Here's some of what the kids have been up to lately:

They both discovered a deep and abiding love for room-temp sauerkraut. They were like calves at the trough. You should have seen the floor...

I love seeing my cute pj babies reading with their daddy.

Another day, another painting project.

I emerged from the shower one morning to find two kids with nearly identical tummies. Lucky for all of us, Ruby is still young enough that I can admonish her and then turn right around and take a picture of the damage without her thinking anything about it.

I have a clear memory of wanting to use the juice can as a drinking glass when I was a little girl. Mom didn't let me. I decided right then and there that I would, one day, allow my children to drink right out of the can. I have absolutely no idea why I had such strong feelings about this, but I can now check it off my list. Just look at how happy he is! Seriously, try it.