Thursday, May 28, 2009

Garden View

I spy something green.

And when I say "green", I mean the color, not the mentality or worldview. It's a strange world we live in when it becomes necessary to clarify such things, but what's a girl to do?

Here are my onions, all in their rows, posture perfect - for now.

My peppers. Fun fact about me: I could eat a jar of banana peppers in one sitting. My mouth just watered when I typed out "banana peppers", I kid you not.

Peas! They can hardly wait to latch on to the trellis Cory made for them.

Word on the lawn is that the green beans have sprouted and the strawberries are presently morphing from limelight to crimson. Stay tuned...

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  1. It's thrilling isn't it? I swear I could just sit in my backyard and watch things grow. Who needs tv?

  2. shannan,
    your garden looks to neat & tidy & green!(you must have a canon?) i need a nice overcast day minus mud so i can get some nice shots of mine. i think i will post a collage soon...oh, and the boys picked a couple of handfuls of strawberries today!

  3. Cool trellis! How did you make it? I need to get something up for my peas...very, very soon as a matter of fact!

  4. i want one. :( i want a veg garden.

  5. Good Morning,
    I nominated you for an award on my blog today. Thanks for being one of my favorites:)

    Have a great weekend.

  6. This post is like a breath of fresh spring air!

  7. You learn something new about your best friend every day, did not know you love banana peppers so much! I LOVE getting them on my subway sandwiches.

  8. Oh my goodness. Not a weed--not a single weed! So exciting. Congratulations on the fruits of your labor! Can't wait to see how you cook and toss, mix and bake it all later in the season!