Saturday, April 18, 2009

Second Best Sandwich

I have already shared the Best Ever Sandwich with you a week or so ago. Don't get me wrong - it really is The Best.

But this baby here has been pulling a close runner-up, lately.

Look at all those veggies! It's true, I'm practically a vegan.

Now, here's the scoop:
1 toasted Everything bagel
1 slice of Colby Jack or Cheddar (Put it between the two slices of bagel right away and it'll get good and melty.)
1 large slice of honey smoked turkey, folded
1 slice of hard salami

OK, this is where it may get a little dicey, for you health fanatics...

1 fairly generous schmear of whipped cream cheese (plain).

See, that wasn't so bad! Trust me - it's not the same without it. And I promise, you'll feel better if you keep reading.....

Pile on:
1 large leaf of lettuce (I used red Romaine)
1 thickish slice of tomato
Several thin slices of cucumber
Several slices of avocado

Final touch:
A few globs of cranberry mustard. (It's the stuff that looks like barbecue sauce in the photo.)

Now, open wide - and have a napkin handy!


  1. I have never heard you speak of this. I need to print out this blog. It looks like a keeper. And for the record, I have never heard of cranberry mustard!

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