Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Saturday Spring

We were very busy on Saturday. That sun! That sky! I will never complain about working on such a beautiful day. Never ever.

And please, be a pal and don't remind me that I just said that in the coming months.

One of my tasks was to transplant some overzealous hollyhocks.

Have I already told you how much I love hollyhocks? They are my favorite, right next to peonies. I have not had any luck growing them so far, but I think this may just be my year.

I also brewed us up our first batch of sun tea. I think it's going around that this is unhealthy, but we tend to throw caution to the wind around here.

I hung my first load of worsh on the line. Flannel sheets on the line in April. Welcome to Indiana.

Cory strong-armed the neighbor into plowing our garden. We've got big plans for this area. Some might call us ignorantly optimistic, but we'll just stick our fingers in our ears, sing the next verse of our favorite Kenny Rogers song, and keep on trucking.

Finally, I found this little guy while I was meandering about our yard. Wait a minute, he's probably more of she, what with the nest-sitting and all.

Regardless, finding this little brown nest, in one of our random, brown trees, was one of those moments where I had no choice but to smile big and thank God for loving me. This is the way He loves me, I swear it. He knew that seeing this mama in her nest would make my happy, so He made sure that I noticed.