Monday, April 27, 2009

Potato Creek - Part I

Sunday was a dream-come-true of a day. We couldn't not go off on an adventure. Well, we could have, but that would have meant that we stayed here at the homefront and worked, and who wants to do that? Plus, it was too windy to paint the rest of the fence. My attempt on Friday provided me with more than enough double-platinum blond highlights.

I thanked my lucky stars that I had stocked up on turkey and salami at Grandma's Pantry the day before.

The kids took naps on the way over while Cory and I listened to Shenendoah and then Brad Paisley. I confessed a slight crush on Brad Paisley even though he's shorter than me. Cory pretended to be bothered by it, until I said "Would you rather I have a crush on Tim McGraw?" That shut him right up, because I'm sorry, Tim McGraw isn't a real country singer any more. And he can't really play the guitar. After settling all of that nonsense, Cory confessed a slight crush on Brad Paisley, so I guess we're even. We both think it started when we saw him in concert last year.

I can't get enough of those almond eyes.

Right after this shot, Calvin took a bite out of his strawberry and held it up saying, "Look! C for Calvin!" I'm not sure why, but it melted my heart a little bit.