Friday, April 24, 2009

Just the Way I Like It

Today seemed like a perfect day to show you some of my favorite places in my home. They define my style and just plain make me happy.

I'm not exactly sure why, but I could stare at this little corner of my living room forever.

I think it's one of my favorite spaces because it mostly came about by accident. That chair is not a custom slip-covered piece where I can "just throw 'em in the wash!" In fact, it is part of the set Cory and I bought from his Aunt for $200 about 11 years ago. I was still in my royal blue/lime green/bright yellow phase then. Yet after all of those years, and 4 different residences, the chair still fits right in. It has probably never been more at home. Don't look too closely, because it's a hot mess underneath those pillows, but I still love it. And who wants bright white stripes, anyway? The light beige (aka dingy) stripes actually work quite well.

The coasters sitting on the $15 Ebay type-writer table were terra cotta saucers in their prior life.

My mudroom window. I adore it. Those curtains shall go down in history as one of my all time best flea market finds ever. In the history. Of the world. $5 for the pair and the colors and print couldn't have been more perfect if they had photo copied a picture straight from my brain. They were meant to be mine. I love the contrast of the light blue walls, white trim and flowered curtain with the black hardware and numbers. Someone recently asked me what the significance of the numbers is. My response: "There is no significance. I just like them." This was met with a blank stare and the sound of crickets chirping. Maybe I should dream up some significance. Any ideas?

I found these glass beaded knobs years ago and finally found a home for them - the cabinet under the farm sink in the mudroom. I love, love, love juxtaposing old with new, dark with light, girly with utilitarian. This completely fits the bill.

This old, chippy piece of trim was discovered many moons ago at The Longest Yard Sale. It was my first pick of the day. While it's somewhat normal to see pieces like this used inside the home, 7 years ago it garnered many looks of "Seriously?" We screwed it right into the wall and now use it as a picture ledge, near the dining room table. And those cute babies? They're mine, too. Note to self: It's time to have new pictures taken...

This last pic, taken from my guest room, illustrates another deeply held design sentiment of mine: Bright flowers are the perfect counter-point to light walls and neutrals. They are my favorite means of introducing pops of color to my serene surroundings. If only I were rich and could buy fresh flowers every week. If only my green thumb weren't actually brown.

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