Friday, April 10, 2009

Improving on Perfection: Ode to My Favorite Lunch

For all of my readers who have been with me for over a year (all 5 of you), congratulations! You have the day off. It is Spring Break, after all.

For all of my new bloggy friends, what I am about to share with you may forever change the way you view your lunch. And I do not say that lightly.

Behold! The Veggie Pita:

I waxed poetic about this sandwich exactly one year ago, on my old blog, but it really does bear repeating.

This is my favorite lunch in the entire world. I almost always eat it weekly and I often eat it for days on end, yet I never tire of it. It affords me the soul-soothing pleasure of chopping up some vegetables and it's very healthy. I get so excited to sink my teeth into that first bite.

It's very important to use the specific pita bread and hummus shown. While some pita bread is akin to cardboard, Father Sam's is thick and soft. (And warm, since I toast mine first.) Plus, half a piece has 3 grams of fiber. For some reason, I'm all about checking the fiber content these days. I guess Dr. Oz finally won me over, or something. Use whatever feta you like. I always buy the plain, unseasoned kind - whichever variety happens to be cheapest.

Note: Several people have asked where to find this pita bread. It hides in the strangest place! You can find it at Meijer, directly in front of the Deli counter. It's on a weird metal shelf that is only knee-high. Who knows!

As for the fillings, I started out using red peppers, but I discovered that the yellow or orange varieties make for a more colorful sandwich and I am a big believer in attractive food. Green peppers might also work (they're much cheaper), but I also think they are not as sweet. Slice your cucumbers somewhat thinly, along with two or three slices of Roma tomato. (Any kind of tomato will work, but Roma's size works best with the pita.)

Aside from these 3 main staple veggies, I recently discovered an amazing addition:

I'm warning you, the pita fills up fast, just like the old taco phenomenon. But do your best to cram in as much as you can.

Final thoughts: One is usually enough, but two is even better.

This absolutely makes my list of things that make my life happier and lovelier. Check out The Inspired Room today to see a whole slew of things that make people smile.