Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pie and Such

As I was saying, I made a few treats for the Easter egg hunting gang. I love cooking fun stuff for people. It has to be fun stuff, though. For instance, I do not enjoy cooking Hamburger Helper. It just doesn't ring my bell. Don't get me wrong, I do cook it, every now and then, but I'm certainly not happy about it.

For this occasion, I decided to make mini berry tartlets with lemon whipped cream and the legendary raspberry cream pie. This pie is a family favorite of ours and although I had only made the tarts once before, they were super easy and drew raves. Then again, I made them for Cory and Rich, and they're not the most discriminating critics.

I also saw fit to pull out my yo-yo runner, newly purchased from Home Goods. Why, oh why, do we not have a Home Goods near us? It's not fair. Someone even asked me if I had made the runner. Ha! I had to laugh at that one and I'm positive that my friend Jess is laughing right along with me.

The berries look sort of shrively here, but cut them some slack. I told a couple of people that the strawberries came out of our garden, which drew immediate looks of bewilderment and confusion. Apparently it was necessary to add "by way of the freezer", but honestly, it seemed like a moot point to me.

And no, I did not make my pie crust from scratch. Who do you think I am, anyway?