Tuesday, April 7, 2009

All Aflutter

I'm currently trying to come to grips with the vast multitude of flower pictures I snapped while we were in Charleston. There's just something about a perfect bloom that just begs to be photographed. (Consider this some strong foreshadowing for the months to come...)

I love this quintessential rosy color. And I love that it is taking a bow.

This shot was one of my favorites. It perfectly captures my decor sensibilities from roughly 2001 through 2006. It's funny to me that a random picture of a fence in Charleston, SC can remind me so vividly of a specific era of my life.

Poppies are so lucky to have their casual, curvy stems. They must be the hippie-chick, devil-may-care residents of the perennial bed. They are so beautiful and showy, but they make you think that they don't even realize it and wouldn't care if they did. You know the kind...

I found this little grouping on the porch of the Boone Hill Plantation. I wasn't sure if we were allowed to take photographs yet, so I lingered on the porch while everyone else filed inside for the tour and quickly snapped. This shot is the highlight of my plantation tour. And I really enjoyed the whole experience, if that gives you any insight into the ways that flowers make my heart skip a beat.

These petals blanketed the ground in several areas of the plantation. Is it wrong that I wanted to lie down and roll around in them? It looked so luscious and extravagant and decadent.

This is one of my all time favorite flowers. Granted, the list is long. Wait a minute, is it a weed? If so, it IS my all time favorite weed. I find it around here sometimes during the Summer and always pick it and put it in a vase.

Iconic Southern camellia. I think. Regardless, they are so pin-cushioney and they remind me of a book I read last Summer, "Girls in Trucks".

I saved my favorite for last. This flower makes my heart break a little. It is not perfect, which makes it, well, perfect.