Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Fluff

This morning I felt Spring in the air. And I know, it's only 10 degrees outside - it's lung-burning cold - but I swear, I felt it.

I was walking back into the house after running a couple of quick errands and just as my foot hit the back porch step, Spring reached out and grabbed me. It was so clear to me that it almost made me tear up a little bit. Then again, maybe that was the bone-chilling wind... Either way, it was like a promise, just for me. The sun, rolling its eyes at Old Man Winter's last hurrah, telling me and the birds that soon, things will be wonderful.

In a very timely coincidence, today is Spring Fluff day, over at The Inspired Room.

I must admit, I'm not fully fluffed. I am certainly on my way, though. Before I know it, I will look out my window and see hyacinths poking their noses out. I will see green, rather than brown. Can you even imagine?

Here's what happens around these parts, when I get that Spring-y feeling:

The flowery dishtowels come out.

Along with other pretty, vintage linens that just don't mix as well with cold and grey.

I picked these up at my beloved TJ Maxx a few weeks ago. $8 for three of these beauties! I heart TJ. TLA. (Remember TLA?)

Always, always, by the time Spring rolls around, I've got the uncontrollable urge to spend every waking moment at a flea market or antique store. I liken it to the feeling that some strange, weird, profoundly confusing people feel as football season approaches. That football thing is something I will never understand, but from what I've witnessed, the passion for the sport and my passion for digging through junk are rooted in the same place.

I found these old green buttons in a muffin tin last week, along with this vintage kitty cat pillowcase for the Rubester.

I've recently started marking the seasons by switching this bad boy out. This photo was taken before the transition was complete. I had to trudge out to the garage for the rest of my terra cotta pots, and you know how that can be. Plus, my garage is Sooooo far away..... so just picture this with a few more stacks of pots and you get the idea.

Sidenote: That picture was one of my first ever purchases at an antiques store, roughly 11 years ago. I found it in Tipp City, Ohio and I think I paid $20 for it, which practically broke the bank. It had an ugly, gold frame, which I intended to paint white. I soon discovered that the gold was actually some form of gold paper, which I was able to peel off, revealing lovely wood with stuck-on remnants of paper. Perfect.

Another opportunity for a rousing round of photo-I-spy, but we'll save that for another day.

I've got a thing for nests. Fake ones, abandoned ones, all of 'em.

A big part of welcoming Spring in my house pertains to welcoming - with much enthusiasm - Spring food.
I love thee, asparagus. I'm sorry that it took me so long to realize.

Pineapple, you are not necessarily a Spring food, but you sure do look pretty.