Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The month in review.

We had an eventful February.

I think I've done an adequate job of communicating my love for Valentine's day, but unfortunately, February isn't just about construction paper hearts with doilies glued on them.

Sometimes, it's about raw sewage.
I'm sorry - it hurts me more than it hurts you to go there. I have a long-documented aversion to all things toilet, but it's the truth.

Don't you just want to punch Mr. Rooter and his snide, winky face? I do. "Sure, I'll fix your toilet for $200 and wreak havoc on your bathroom and make your entire house reek to high heaven! Wink wink! I'll even throw in this classy refrigerator magnet, just because that's the kind of guy I am! Wink!"

Upon the resolution of that particular crisis, it was time to hit Bed, Bath & Beyond. Our wedding-gift toaster had browned his last slice. Our $19 Meijer saute pan (my sole saute pan/skillet) had a convex heiney and no non-stick coating to be found. (Remind me sometime to tell you about the time I personally met Dr. Roy J. Plunkett, the inventor of Teflon - your collective excitement is palpable, even from here!)

I trust Emeril, don't you? I'm not sure what his hands are doing, but I'm sure it's important. BAM! I also picked up a couple of other items, including a good knife. Heaven. It's probably just a matter of time now before I land my own cooking show. And most importantly, the store allowed me to use three expired 20% off coupons.

Calvin became enthralled with outerspace. Jupiter is his favorite, because it's the biggest. For fun, I picked up a paint-it-yourself solar system mobile kit. Thet kid nearly fainted from pure joy.
Check out his "sweat band". :)

Ruby surprised me one morning by slathering an entire container of Castor oil hair grease onto her hair, during the 10 minutes that I was in the shower. We finally resorted to washing her hair in dishsoap to clear the residue. Her entire outfit was unsalvageable. I was too mad to take a picture of her after the big event, which I am already regretting.

A week late, she pulled an encore performance, with another tub of reject hair goo.

It has become clear that showering is the most dangerous thing I do all day.

She's so dang precious though. What's a girl to do?

Oh, Chi-Chi's mild Restaurant Style salsa went on sale for $1 a bottle.

I bought 7.

Hmmm...what else am I missing? Oh, that's right! My coronation!

I was finally and fittingly crowned Queen of my castle. I've felt a special closeness to the late Lady Di ever since.

Now, on to March!