Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Menu Plan

Quite some time ago I realized that by planning out my meals for the week, and shopping only for those items (with the random jar of salsa thrown in for good measure), I would save money and waste less food. I used to dread getting groceries, and it's still not my favorite task, but I enjoy it infinitely more now that I'm on a mission, rather than aimlessly wandering around and throwing things into the cart.

Here's what we're eating this week:

Monday: Chicken Florentine Artichoke Bake. I made a double batch to share with friends from church who just brought home a brand new baby. (He's so super tiny and cute!)
Tuesday: Baked tilapia, brown rice and orange soy-glazed green beans. I found the bean recipe on one of those random, free recipe cards in the produce section at Meijer and
they have been a favorite ever since.
Wednesday: Stuffed Pepper Soup and biscuits. A staple.
Thursday: Reuben Bake, salad and Fruit Pizza. Of all of the foods on this fine earth, my husband requested this for his birthday meal.
Friday: Frozen Pizza. I won't be here to cook! Hooray!!

For the record, I am always on the hunt for new, yummy recipes. If you've got a good one, be sure to send it my way!


  1. I've always been curious to see what this weekly list looked like for you. Of course, it all looks delish to me. I wish, I wish my hubby and kid weren't so picky. Will Calvin and Ruby eat all of these?

  2. Bingo! It must be an internet explorer issue here at work. I'm on Foxfire now....So, wish I was coming to dinner this week. YUM!

  3. Shannan, thanks for visiting me today over at Inspired R. I'm so happy to read that you are a lover of people and entertaining! Bless you!