Monday, March 23, 2009

Mirror, mirror, soon to be on the wall...

The good news is, I had an email waiting for me this a.m. from Mirror Man. The bad news is, well, remember when I said I wasn't too concerned about the price? Let's just say that $220 doesn't exactly fall into my realm of "Good Investment". Now I feel sort of bad telling the very expedient Mirror Man thanks, but no thanks.

At the same time, I hate the thought that the remodel of this tiny bathroom will be further stalled because of the unavailability of the mirror of my dreams. There is a lesson here, and that is, when life hands you awkwardly shaped mirrors that aren't the exact size you yearn for, make them work. Own them. They are only $39.99, after all. Learn to love them. And then sing this to them:

Don't love make a mirror shine
It don't matter if it cost a dime
Dang thing looks like a million bucks
Sittin' on the wall of a girl in love
A perfect 17-inch oval is duller than dirt if the girl is too broke after buying said mirror to buy towels and toilet paper
With three little words it'll knock you blind
Don't love make a mirror shine.