Thursday, March 12, 2009

I swear I'm a good mom.

You may or may not know about our ill-fated Sunday School ice-cream party. Long story short, it resulted in a lot of left-over ice cream and a multitude of toppings...including a can of Cool Whip. That's right, they make Cool Whip that you can squirt out of a can now! Is this a new thing? It's certainly new to me.

Several days after The Party That Would Not Be, Calvin came to me quite sheepishly and asked me if I would "squirt some of that whipped cream" into his mouth. I asked him where he had ever gotten that idea and he said Nana lets him do it sometimes. Nana - I'll be in touch.

Anyway, I decided there was probably no harm in granting his request.

Now, we do this once a day, but only if he asks, and he always does. Just one squirt.

Ruby has also joined in on the fun.
Fyi, it's surprisingly difficult to squirt the Cool Whip and take a pic at the same time. Pardon the blurriness.

Uh-Oh. I think I got a little trigger-happy.


  1. Oh, now I think I recall a moment last night that felt like and inside joke and it was this! Glad to know the mystery!

  2. A GOOD mom???? You are an AWESOME mom. In fact, I want you to be MY mom. I will be coming over for my Cool Whip squirt this afternoon.

  3. Uh yeah, you are an awesome mom! Looks like fun, I might come over for a squirt of that cool whip ;)

    Funny what those NaNa's try to get away with isn't it, Brycey's are always giving him crazy know, I think it will be a pure delight to be a Nana someday :)


  4. that makes you a great mom!! i totally do that!!! (when we have it)

    did your mom ever do that?? mine didn't!! i would definitely remember.

  5. Calvin, you told our "secret"! It was just a couple of squirts one day. I should have known the boy who forgets anything would someday (a long time after the incident) would rat on Nana. Oh well, that's what us Nana's are for. Love you guys, see you tonight.


  6. Whoops, I meant to say "the boy who forgets nothing" not anything.

  7. Shannan,

    I've been copying boring words from one big document and pasting them into a different smaller document all morning.

    This hilarous post just made me laugh loudly in my office and startle my co-workers.

  8. :) I may be stopping by for a squirt of that cool whip too, but only if it's the fat free one.

  9. Of course you're a good mom...what other mom helps/gives their kids whippets?

  10. I love your blog and photos!