Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Not leaving on a jet plane.

Trying to get to DC.
Accidentally left my cell phone at home.
Feeling like I am missing an appendage.
Flight delayed out of South Bend.
Snippy airline personnel adamant that I will not miss my connecting flight.

Missed my connecting flight.
Stuck in Cincinnati for the night.
In a crappy-ish Holiday Inn.
On my own dime.

Did not bring a coat.

Not as surprised as you would think.
Have done this many, many times before.
Think I may actually hold some sort of a record for bad air travel luck.

Fully aware that this sort of air travel bad luck is certainly not the worst kind to have.
Thankful for a soft-ish bed.
Thankful for interesting conversation amidst inconvenient circumstances.
Thankful for my laptop.

Dreading my 6 a.m. wake-up call.
Missing my family.
Feeling, overall, like this:

Good night.