Monday, February 16, 2009

The Most Dramatic Sonnet Ever.

I know I put a teaser out there for a high-drama, ultra-deep sonnet, written during my Sophomore year of college. I know I did not deliver it during my Valentine's extravaganza. But trust me, I have my reasons.

It turns out that, upon further review, the sonnets I wrote back in 1996 are rather...dreary. They're sort of the opposite of love-inspiring. They're very full of themselves and make me wonder...what was I so gosh darn introspective about when I was all of 19?

Also, why did I write a sonnet about a guy being super into me? So unlike me, and...Did that ever even really happen? When I was 19?

I guess maybe I learned a valuable lesson back in Lambert Hall, circa '96. It's a lesson that I am only now fully realizing: when you write a poem it doesn't necessarily have to be about your exact life. I mean, I wasn't claiming to write my biography here, so don't go throwing the book at me, a' la James Frey.

It's called artistic license, peeps. It's called writing a sonnet about my favorite jeans being stolen from the dorm laundry room just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Without further ado, I give you:

“He Knows”

He tells her now and then that she’s a queen,

His words unnecessary to her ears.

She finds his love and faithfulness between

His fleeting, knowing glances when she nears.

He mentions that he knows he’s worth the chance.

She smiles, says “Perhaps”, and walks away.

He knows that they together make a dance.

She wonders why love does not work that way.

Patiently, he waits for her to notice

That through it all he’s been right by her side.

Alone, unchanged, she challenges his motive,

Still knowing his intentions could not hide.

One step behind, he follows her and waits.

She walks ahead, her conscience she berates.

-Shannan Garber


(PS - My five sonnets earned a check mark on a scale of "checkmark -" to "checkmark +", right smack dab in the middle, just in case you wondered. Who else agrees that I got robbed? Raise your hand!)


  1. Hey! have you seen the material at hobby lobby that is smocked at the top 6 inches?? i thought that would be a great first project. you would just have to sew it up the back. (for a dress) for the straps i was thinking a wide ribbon!!!

  2. I told Ben about how fun you were with your blog and how you take pix of stuff and are so creative...anyways today I was so excited because I vacuumed my car and it looked so good (it was bad) and it was funny because he said "oh you should take a pix and put it on your blog like your friend Shan does"...i had to laugh because i always am telling him how your blog is always so exciting with pix :)

  3. Beautiful.
    I'm demanding that you post all of your sonnets. It's not fair that you are the only one who gets to enjoy them!

  4. bahaha ... was that really cory posting this comment above? It smells like Sarah in hiding.


  5. That was me above ... having some technical difficultie ...

  6. I agree with Cory. :)