Monday, February 23, 2009

Lost and Found.

Remember back in the olden days when you would rummage through the junk drawer or clean out your desk and marvel over all of the things you forgot that you had? The ultimate find, hands down, was an old, undeveloped roll of film.

(Ha ha - Film! Remember film?)

Well, I found our "old" memory card a few days ago. Our camera conked out and we bought our new one so quickly that it just sort of got lost in the shuffle.

Granted, the pictures I found are not from 1989, but they are surprising and refreshing and just what I needed to see.

Let's take a stroll...alllll the way back to late August, 2008.

Aw, I miss my sunflowers. I've got big plans to grow several varieties this Summer.
They just cheer me up.

Look at my chunky, wild-haired gardening companion.
She was practically just a baby.

Two things:
1) I remember this day very well. This was the first day Calvin practiced writing his alphabet, all by himself. He first traced each letter and then took it upon himself to write each one beside it. I was so impressed.
2) I always kind of knew that he was getting a little "puffy" from his 'roids, but good grief! It's one of those things that you just don't catch when you spend nearly every waking moment with someone. Poor little guy. I'm so happy that he's off the junk and back to normal.

What would you do if you were hosting friends for a cook-out and out of nowhere, this guy swooped down as though he was going to make off with a small child? I thought I was in a movie. I nearly suffered cardiac arrest. We were in a big rush to capture this freak of nature, but trust me, he's taller than either of my kiddos.


Here's Sarah and I, doing our BC Alumni duty.
I'm sorry to report that this day was a major let-down. But, ain't she pretty?

Have I ever told you about Green Oak Antiques, in Rochester? If you go, you might find scrumptious barkcloth fabric, like this, for $3. I did. I also found this necklace for $1. As I was paying, the man checking me out said, "Well, that's certainly a (cough cough) statement piece!" I knew it was perfect for my flashy friend, Stephanie.

I don't plan to make a habit of neglecting my memory cards moving forward, but it sure was fun this once.