Monday, February 2, 2009

Line Dancing with Ruby

Ruby is at that stage where if you put a twirly skirt on her, she has no choice but to spin.

I cracked up when she struck this pose at the outset.

May I have this dance?


She's losing steam...

Yet even when the dance is over, her personality is still fully intact.
This right here, ladies and gentlemen, is classic Ruby.

She is full of life.
She is full of emotion (the good and the bad).
She lives to entertain us (at least when she's not in time-out).

She strikes sheer terror into the hearts of her Daddy and I when we ponder her in adolescence. (I remember how emotional and volatile I was and I didn't have nothin' on this chick.)

Life without our baby girl would be less colorful, that's for sure. And color is where it's at. Hot pink stripes with blue and green flowers, to be exact.