Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Final Straw.

Meet my favorite socks in the whole world.

I pined for them over one year ago, but they were $8.99 at
TJ Maxx and I just couldn't see spending that kind of cash on a pair of socks.

But they were so cushy.
And they were sort of clashy.
So I continued to pine.

Then I dropped a strong hint to Cory, prior to Christmas '07.
And Cory came through. I have to give him props, because I didn't personally point them out. I just told him they were pink and purple knee socks and Poof!

Aren't they lovely?
Don't they look warm?

I hope you know I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I look forward to wearing them and that they make any dreary weekday a little brighter and cozier.
I throw them in every load of laundry so that I can wear them as much as possible.


Oh dear.

Uh-oh. Winter must officially end immediately.
The tribe has spoken.

And ps - For anyone who wondered, that is not my extremely dry/scaly/nasty heel. I hired a foot model for this post and, you know, times are tough. Pedicures are an unnecessary expense, even for a foot model.