Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February Faux

I just don't know what it is about Valentine's day. No other holiday has inspired me to make a faux ranunculus, heart-shaped wreath, lined in faux moss. And hear me people, I am 99.9% anti-faux. I just can't bring myself to embrace the faux. My friend Stephanie uses faux foliage to great effect in her home and a few years ago she nudged me to try a pair of faux boxwood topiaries for my mantle. I brought them home, put them on the mantle, took them back down, returned them to the store. What is my problem?

Where was I going with this?

The wreath. I made this probably 5 years ago, which may explain its notably faded hue. I think I like the faded hue... I don't remember where I ever got the notion to do this, but I cut the heart out of styrofoam, free-hand, lined it with moss, then hot-glued silk ranunculus blooms into the base. I really thought it was the lovliest thing. I still rather like it, although at this point it's equal parts pretty and nostalgia. Without the nostalgia, I'm not sure I would be compelled to dig it out of the basement each February.

The bow looks a little worn and weathered...Let's call it "vintaged". .

This shot was in the reject file, until I realized that it might be a fun subject for a rousing round of I Spy. Who spots my school-house island light? I do. Love that light. I dreamed of that light and searched all manner of websites and catalogs. I really needed a double light, with two globes, which proved very hard to find...until I scoured Ebay. Yup. I found the following kitchen remodel items on Ebay: 1) Island. Dirt cheap. In the exact color I pined for. Shipped to my door from CA and graciously unloaded. 2) Lighting. Blue Marble lighting store. I've used them on 4 separate occasions now. 3) Cabinet hardware. Among the greatest customer service I've ever received. And the hardware is very substantial and was offered in so many styles and finishes. And I bought it for a song. 4) Open shelving. Dirt cheap. And semi-custom designed, just for moi. I felt like the seller and I were old friends by the time all was said and done. 5) 2 of my 3 barn paintings.

What, where in the heck was I going with this???

OK, who spies my garage? I do. It's tan with a brick-red bottom. I love this garage, I do. Well no, I don't. I like that I have a garage, but not necessarily this one...because truly, who builds a new garage and paints it tan and brick red - when the two barns and the house are all white? Who does this? Who????

Finally,who spies the Christmas bulbs still hanging from my window? I do. Ugh. I do. They are still there, as we speak. Cory hammered them right into the top of the window trim and needs to pry them off. Sometimes I forget that they're even there...they are pretty. But on days like today, when it's 60+ degrees and I'm reaching past them to open the window, it just feels wrong. It makes me feel like my Aunt Carol, who used to pride herself in not taking down the tree until Easter. I'm really just 2 or 3 steps away, at this point...

Anyway, happy Valentine's week Tuesday. I hope I am inspiring at least someone out there to find a way to celebrate.