Friday, February 27, 2009

Balance - It's a good thing.

Melissa, over at The Inspired Room, has issued a challenge to take a step back and evaluate the level of connectedness in our lives and whether that connectedness is a good thing, or a...not so good thing.

Uh oh.

Here I was all eager to check out the weekly link-up challenge, which is typically something having to do with decorating and inspired, joyful living. I was not expecting to be faced with certain conviction over something I have already been wrestling with.

I have found myself frequently thinking that I spend too much time on the computer. And in theory, it seems like an easy fix. But in theory, everything seems easy. It's actually very difficult. I work from home and 90% of my work is done on the computer. I check my email a bazillion times a day, partly because I need to, and partly because, at this point, it's pure habit.

Then there's facebook. Oh dear. Here's the thing about facebook: I love the fact that it has allowed me to connect with people that I would not ordinarily be nearly as connected to. I love sharing mundane bits of life with my peeps. I love all of the nonsense. It's rather entertaining, but it's also a bit mind-numbing. It's one of those things where, if I am not careful, I will realize that I have spent an hour of prime kid-in-bed time doing absolutely nothing. Rather than spending my time doing something that makes me feel relaxed, at peace, renewed, I spend it aimlessly, and without purpose.

All I know is that I want my kids to remember my face more clearly than the back of my head. I want to never forget what it's like to read something on an actual page. I want to know that my friends will always be my friends, even if I go an entire week without writing on their walls. I want to remember that the noise in my life isn't always necessarily noisy.

I believe in balance, and I know that my blog brings me joy and an email from a friend lifts me up. But far more, the joy in my life comes from my husband, my children, my relationship with the Lord, moments of true quiet, nature, the simplicity of life.

These are the things that I have to protect and make room for.

Everything else is secondary.


  1. You are setting very lofty expectations for whypeytonwhy ... but GREAT post. Agree with the whole thing pretty much.

    Now on to more important news ... I have a potential life altering decision to make ... with "you all" getting together to watch the Bach on Monday ... do I dare watch on my own?

  2. Well said...I swear I planned to right just about the same thing this coming week. I have totally backed away from spending too much time on my blog, and thank God, I've never started Facebook. But you are right...I want my kids to remember my face more than the back of my head!

  3. Oh my goodness your children are darling! I think the only faces I'd want booked would be those two cute ones committed to my memory banks! Enjoy while you can, they grow up so fast!

  4. awww! i love that she sucks her two fingers!! my oldest son is 8 1/2 & still sucks his thumb & rubs his teddy bear on his nose simultaneously : )

    about the facebook, i am the only person i know not on there. atleast you only spend one hour. i spent days straight on there. so i had to delete myself!!!!

  5. It was a great reminder of what's important, that's for sure! Enjoy your little ones :)

  6. Your words are moving me like a ton of bricks! As I sit here with my boys waiting on me to tuck them in, my facebook tab is up, and my blog, and yes email too. Sad how much fun we can have sitting in front of the computer and how much we can miss behind us. I may just have to post this and link you on over to me! You said it much more eloquently than I could have.

  7. What cuties! Everything else IS secondary! :) jen

  8. That is such a great reminder! Melissa's post struck a cord with me as well-I've been challenged to seek a better balance too!

  9. amen shannan, especially about the facebook, what a time-sucker...not to mention a problem starter (aka good way to lose friends via public gossiping)! totally have been through the same thought process myself.