Sunday, January 25, 2009

Needing a Fix

It's that time of year again. I told you this would happen. My Christmas cheer has been packed up with the woefully uncool, artificial Christmas tree and has been replaced with the following:

1) Daydreaming about the garden
2) Daydreaming about food
3) Daydreaming about antiquing

It's like clockwork, really. It's how I monitor the comings and goings of Winter. The good news is, we're halfway there. The bad news is, well, we're halfway not there.

I have been making some mental notes about my annual To-Find List. I'm sure it seems like such a list is not necessary, but it really helps me to stay on task. In its absence, I end up wandering aimlessly around the Springfield Flea Market, intoxicated by the scents of rust and lead based paint. I start to forget that I need a bookshelf of specific dimensions and instead buy a few more yards of vintage fabric (for when I learn how to sew) or something for the future room of a theoretical child who is not yet in our family.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

But I've found that it's easier to rationalize adding to the pile of unnecessary objects when you also throw something into the "To Buy" category.

This year, I'm looking for things for my office. The train(wreck) room is inching its way up the home repair docket and I'm getting a little excited about the possibilities. I have given no thought yet to the color scheme or even the "vision" for the room. I do know that the trains will have to chug on out of there, but that's all I've got so far.

Oh, and I have this:

I found this last month at my favorite little shop, McMaster & Storm. They are sadly closing up their retail store, but thankfully their online boutique will remain. I got a fantastic deal on this gem. And if you don't believe me, consider this...I called Cory to come and look at it. He did. I told him the price. He said "Get it." This never really happens, so when it does, I don't argue.

Look at all of those drawers! 10 of 'em. And they are numbered. And there's a foreign decal still stuck on it. Something about a maquina. I'm thinking it may be a cabinet from an old tool shop? She's still in Ohio and I didn't take a close-up of the decal, so this mystery will have to be solved on another day.

But I have big plans for it. I'm thinking it will be very useful in the crafty part of my office. At last, my stacks of paper (for when I decide to take up scrabooking), my stacks of vintage greeting cards, my rubber alphabet stamps, my vintage prize ribbons (you heard me) will have found their home.

Few things excite me as much as organizational items.

Here's a view of the back, which is almost as lovely as the front. I need to get this baby safely home. But quick.

In the meantime, brace yourself for a few more related posts. And then, before we know it, Spring will have sprung. And I think we all remember what happens around here come Spring...