Thursday, January 29, 2009

I need help.

Here are some things I currently need.

And before we get started, may I remind you that this is not a pretend, fantasy list, like "I need a lifetime supply of Chi Chi's Restaurant Style salsa and Jessica Simpson hair extensions." No, this is for real.

I need a cup of tea, preferably made for me by Cory. I am cold and cranky and tea usually helps both.

I need groceries. Like, really bad. And it would be great if blueberries and blackberries were on sale for $1 a box, like they were a couple of weeks ago when I serendipitously decided to photograph my Meijer receipt. You just never know when a particular photo might be called upon to serve the greater good of the blog.

Like this beauty. I'm sure many of you would not like it if your husband decided to photograph you unawares (in raw mode, for goodness griefous) while you were slaving at your computer into the wee hours during the most stressful week of your entire career. You might even be a little bitter about it and not in the mood for the joke. But trust me, the day will come when you will find that it's just what your blog needs to illustrate your place in the universe on a given day. For me, that day has now come twice.

What was I saying?

Oh, yes. I need one of these chocolate croissants. It is still my deepest vacation regret that I did not discover these until day 3 of our last vacation.

And remember, this is not a pretend list here. I really do need one. Wait- I need four.

I need Cory. He's been gone nearly 72 hours and call me a wuss, but I'm over it.

He's going to sooo love that I posted this picture again. What can I say? I really like it. He looks so...smoldery.

Finally, I need this. Actually, what I need is a massage, but I don't have a picture of a massage, so I thought this was a good stand-in. That's Keisha's hand, after all, and she swore that lighting a hollow candle and sticking it in my ear would be relaxing and rejuvenating. She swore it would be. She promised.

Good night.