Thursday, January 8, 2009

High Points of My Day

Today was one of those days that stretched on for miles and miles before me. And not in a good way. I got just a tiny bit of sleep last night and knew Cory would be working until 11 pm tonight.

That being said, there were a few bright spots.

I collaborated with Ruby on this Springy masterpiece.

Seriously, isn't this impressive? She did this one all on her own.
I love how she fills the canvas with color.
Oh, if those scribbles could talk...

Calvin opted to take a different approach during craft time.
This is a picture of a snake that he drew for Daddy. He then coated the snake with globs of Elmer's glue and, while the glue was still wet, he covered it all in strips of tape.
I'm taking bets on how long his roll of tape lasts.

Oh, and speaking of Daddy, he stopped by unexpectedly for a few minutes today.
I thought he looked so dang hot in his shirt and tie that I snapped his pic.
His hotness may have been magnified further by the fact that the kids and I were still in our pj's.
Do you see how I have taught him not to fear mixing patterns?
He played it a bit safe on the color combo, but I'm digging the stripes with the paisley.

Last but not least...the salad.
OK, so this picture was actually from last night, but it's so yummy that I had another one tonight. I mixed up a batch of Sarah-by-way-of-Loey's new dressing, which was as light an refreshing as they claim.

P.S. For anyone who may have attempted to make an anonymous comment and was unable to, the problem is fixed. (Thanks, Lindsay!)


  1. yum, i want that looks yummy. i also loved ruby and calvin's art work, they are two talented little kids :)


  2. did you get those beets from schrute beet farm? either way the salad looked good. but my goodness that cory is a looker ;-)

  3. THat's a beautiful salad! But, watch out, or your kids will get "beet-stained teeth and huge heads" from eating those things.

    And yes, seriously, I AM impressed with Ruby's design skills!

  4. I am so glad. Thank you for letting me know that you are doing this. I do enjoy your blogs. :0) Holly

  5. Your compliment of the dressing sounded more like a half-compliment, like i need to say something, but I wasn't feeling your real interest in it. However, I liked the rest of the post! It's enjoyable to hear you refer to your husband's hotness publicly. - Your TB BFF SJS

  6. Is it so sad that we are so caught up in the middle of potty training that my first response to this flashback was that Gerber hasn't changed their training pants patterns in at least seven years because Ruby's blue bird panties are the same pattern I get to rewash quickly so my 23 month old can wear her favorite underwear?

  7. Why do kids love tape so much? I think it is a universal truth or something. Love seeing the tinies!