Friday, January 30, 2009

Heaven on a plate

Allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite breakfast meals/bedtime snacks/lunch on a hectic work day:

It is one Eggo waffle with a good dollop of Yoplait All Natural Vanilla Yogurt (two situations where I am an unabashed brand snob - they really are the best) and then whatever fruit lights your fire. This was a good combo, although my expectations for January nectarines are pretty low. It's also delish with any given mixture of berries.

Here's a better view of the waffle. It really is under there somewhere....

I like to think that it's fairly healthy...although I'm sure there's room for improvement with "light" yogurt and a multi-grain waffle. I'll leave that experiment up to one of you. And please, report back.

In the meantime, since it ain't really broke, I'm not gonna fix it.


  1. I just wanted to be the first one to post a comment on here! Yay. I promise to try this as I have a waffle almost every morning of my life.

  2. not one to challenge another girls love for a particular this is just for thought...greek god's honey's better than dessert...I've never tasted yogurt like it...might even compensate for the nectarines :)

  3. YUM! Gonna have to try that one.

  4. i do think this looks like heaven on a plate :)

  5. That looks so yummy! I'm fixing it for my girl's breakfast this morning, thanks to this post:-)