Thursday, January 22, 2009

Friday Night Lights

One week ago the highly anticipated season premiere of Friday Night Lights beckoned us to the couch. That is correct - the season premiere of the best show on television delayed until mid-January. But we'll save that diatribe for another post.

I am hoping and praying, for all of ya'll's sake, that you are devoted followers of this show. This is season three and I have high hopes for the Dillon Panthers.

Honestly and truly, would I lead you astray on something as important as primetime network television? Yes, we only get 4.5 channels here, but even if we were fancy Dish people, I would still watch. Faithfully. And with much anticipation and devotion. I am telling you, it is that good.

I could write a novel about the conflicting roles of morality and humanity that tear at the heart of Lila. I could sing a thousand songs about the complex relationship between passion and duty that is oft explored therein.

But the main thing is: Coach Taylor.

That's all I'm saying - he's the Main Thing.

Oh, and Riggins.

What I'm telling you is, the people are all beautiful and the acting and story are top-notch. And my opinion should mean something to you, because who else among us has faithfully followed every single rose to be handed out since 2004? Who else has missed nary a second of the last umpteen cycles of ANTM? Who else knows and is willing to admit the truth - that Blair is a waaaaay bigger deal than Serena?

So tune in tonight at 9 p.m. ET and every Friday therafter, until further notice. And I beg you, tell me what you think. I dare you to disagree.

Oh, I almost honor the occasion last week we hosted a private viewing with some of our dearest.

Sarah: "I'm telling you, Tim Riggins is definitely the new Brandon Walsh. Only a trillion times cooler."

Birch: (Thinking) "Really? He's that much cooler? I know I was only 6 when Brandon ruled the school, but that's a fairly bold statement. Then's Riggins."

Shannan: "Coach and Mrs. T are the modern day Bill and Claire Huxtable. It's true."
Sarah: "I knowwwww!"

Commercial break to grab some amazing snacks. (I'd tell you all about them, but I don't want to take the focus off of where it should remain.)
Linds: (Through gritted teeth) "Just push the button, Cory! I think I hear Buddy yelling about something in there!"

Don't they look guilty? I think I caught them whispering about whether they preferred Tyra's sleek bob from season 2 or her new, curly 'do.

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose.