Thursday, January 22, 2009

Friday Night Lights

One week ago the highly anticipated season premiere of Friday Night Lights beckoned us to the couch. That is correct - the season premiere of the best show on television delayed until mid-January. But we'll save that diatribe for another post.

I am hoping and praying, for all of ya'll's sake, that you are devoted followers of this show. This is season three and I have high hopes for the Dillon Panthers.

Honestly and truly, would I lead you astray on something as important as primetime network television? Yes, we only get 4.5 channels here, but even if we were fancy Dish people, I would still watch. Faithfully. And with much anticipation and devotion. I am telling you, it is that good.

I could write a novel about the conflicting roles of morality and humanity that tear at the heart of Lila. I could sing a thousand songs about the complex relationship between passion and duty that is oft explored therein.

But the main thing is: Coach Taylor.

That's all I'm saying - he's the Main Thing.

Oh, and Riggins.

What I'm telling you is, the people are all beautiful and the acting and story are top-notch. And my opinion should mean something to you, because who else among us has faithfully followed every single rose to be handed out since 2004? Who else has missed nary a second of the last umpteen cycles of ANTM? Who else knows and is willing to admit the truth - that Blair is a waaaaay bigger deal than Serena?

So tune in tonight at 9 p.m. ET and every Friday therafter, until further notice. And I beg you, tell me what you think. I dare you to disagree.

Oh, I almost honor the occasion last week we hosted a private viewing with some of our dearest.

Sarah: "I'm telling you, Tim Riggins is definitely the new Brandon Walsh. Only a trillion times cooler."

Birch: (Thinking) "Really? He's that much cooler? I know I was only 6 when Brandon ruled the school, but that's a fairly bold statement. Then's Riggins."

Shannan: "Coach and Mrs. T are the modern day Bill and Claire Huxtable. It's true."
Sarah: "I knowwwww!"

Commercial break to grab some amazing snacks. (I'd tell you all about them, but I don't want to take the focus off of where it should remain.)
Linds: (Through gritted teeth) "Just push the button, Cory! I think I hear Buddy yelling about something in there!"

Don't they look guilty? I think I caught them whispering about whether they preferred Tyra's sleek bob from season 2 or her new, curly 'do.

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose.


  1. Loved this! I love the end and I love that you are using the best of the english language (nary?). I kept waiting for you to just say it, but i read between your lines. Coach Taylor is HOT!!!! Riggins is SEXY HOT. SMOKING HOT. MEOW.

    I wish I could go on and on... I wil be watching with clear eyes, a full heart, and no, you are right, no one can lose with this show.

  2. oh girl....i have already seen the WHOLE season on Direct tv's GOOD! much racier than ever before so prepare yourself.
    riggins is hotter than ever.
    big time.
    and taylor is just so respectfully hot. he is such a good man how can you not want him. oh i love that show.
    i am thinking of getting an I heart tim riggins shirt. did you know they have them? google it.
    love hearing that others love this show. :)

  3. OH my, my, my...let me just tell you how excited I am to meet another FNL fan. I am 38 and am in LOVE with Tim Riggins. Sorry, I have had the PLEASURE of watching the season on DirectTV and you are going to love it. Now, I have got to get me one of those t-shirts. My husband would crack up! I once bought my husband the Fitness magazine because Riggins was shirtless on a beach for the cover. He laughed and handed it back just for me!
    Love your blog! I think you might have to check out my blog soon. I am going to have to post your laundry room very soon if that's ok with you. I want to feature my favorites this weekend.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh if forgot...


    Sorry, got carried away...


  5. You don't know me . . . I traveled over via . . . but we do share a passion for this show!!! I LOVE IT!!! I'm a big fan of Coach Taylor and Riggins (def. better than Brandon Walsh and Dylan McKay) . . . lovin' the storyline with Julie and Matt . . . how cute!?! Love your blog!