Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Can I please paint?

This is a question I hear multiple times a day. It has a couple of variations: "Can I paint?" and "When can I paint?" and it travels with its naughty, whiny, little brothers: "You said I could paaaaaaaint!" and "But I want to paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaint!"

There's really no good way around it. It's a part of my daily life, just like cereal and salsa. And I know full well that there are far more pressing problems in this world. But seriously, why did my 3-year old skip the whole coloring with crayons thing? Oh, he's waaaay past that. He passed that so fast that he didn't even stop to say hello. I cringe a little when I think of what his Kindergarten teacher will face in about 1.5 years. He also thinks he's too cool for pencils, much preferring ink pens or my trademark blue felt-tipped pens.

I digress....

On a typical day, or at least every-other-day, I relent and pull out the paints. It is a bit of an undertaking and requires some monitoring and a dose of elbow grease, when all is said and done, but it keeps Mr. Lee very happy for close to an hour.

He usually only answers to "Bob Ross" during his art sessions, but on this particular day he informed me that he was "that monkey who paints with his mouth". Who is this monkey he speaks of? It sounds vaguely familiar, but I'm not entirely sure.

These are some of our masterpieces.

After his warm-up round, when I had retired to the kitchen, he yelled from his post, "Mom, could you please help me paint the Mona Lisa?" Cracked me up! I asked him who told him about the Mona Lisa and he said he saw it on tv. That's right, lest you begin thinking that we are ultra-cultrured around here and drill our children on famous works of art from infancy, they actually find out about important world events and historical figures primarily from PBS Kids.

He requested that I help him mix up some brown (no brown around these parts) and set to work. Drumroll pleaaaaaase.....

I give you the Mona Lisa.