Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Button Bracelet

Just before Christmas I had the pleasure of taking a trip over to Loft Art Studio for a button bracelet class. The studio is run by my friend Jessica and her mama. They are the artsiest ladies I've ever known and their collective (and individual) creativity puts mine right to shame. Nevertheless, Jess knows I'm a sucker for such endeavors and while she'll probably never again encourage me to try my hand at knitting or yo-yo making, she must have known that this was something that I could potentially do. I like having friends who have faith in me.

The place is a knitters haven. But I wouldn't really know about that, would I?

Check out the cool, industrial, farm-chic counters. I'm assuming that one of the Crafty Ladies' husbands made these, but whoever is responsible, I want one, too. (Is it legal to have that many commas in one sentence?)

When I arrived I was happy to see that several other ladies were there to join in on the fun. The instructor provided three different styles of bracelets. I chose the most elementary style, where you just glue 'em on. I did, however, take it up a notch via "The Jessica", which means that in addition to gluing buttons onto the bracelet pad, I also wired buttons along the bottom edge, for the dangly effect. I'm just that good with a pair of wire snips and needle nose pliers.

You start with this:

And this:

And then:
The essence of "The Jessica".

In an exciting twist, while we were all in the home stretch of finishing our masterpieces, the electricity went out. Entirely. And we were up in a barn. And we were gluing. And holding very dangerous tools, such as wire snips and needle nose pliers. Emergency lanterns and flashlights were called upon and all projects were successfully executed, with no injuries sustained.

My final result:

And Jessica's funky, chunky, crocheted (yes, these were crocheted!) beast that I'm infinitely envious of but will never possibly have the skill to create:

And now, a word from our sponsor: "All photos with the exception of the first few were taken in pitch black. The photographer literally held the camera out at 'nothing' and hoped for the best. All things considered, we are quite impressed with her blind photography prowess. We think we'll allow her to keep her camera for a little while longer."


I had such a fun time that evening. Everyone was so encouraging and joyful - I never tire of spending time in the company of creative ladies who are open to new ideas. I can't wait to catch another class sometime soon. I'll keep all of you posted in case you want to join me.