Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! So much better!

Welcome to my new home. It's a little roomier and those pesky neighbors with their annoying advertisements haven't yet gotten the memo that I've moved. (Let's keep it between you and me.) My photos should soon become more cooperative and, hey, sometimes a girl just needs a change of scenery.

This is where you'll fine me, from now on. My old site will still be around, just in case your day is not complete without hearing one more time about when our roofer accidentally left his microwave on our back porch or the time when I almost fatally poisoned my family by feeding them fake rhubarb that I found growing in the field.

Also, for those of you without a Blogger account (or a Blogspot account, as I prefer to call it), you can still comment anonymously here. Just remember to sign your name. :)

I must say, I'm feeling pretty excited by my new digs. I'm feeling inspired. Stay tuned.